Happy New Year from KOICA Indonesia!

Happy New Year from KOICA Indonesia!

Hello All!

My name is Halimatusyadiah(Helly). I’ve worked with KOICA Indonesia for 26 years. Almost half of my age and my life, I’ve spent with KOICA Indonesia. It'ss like my family that I’ve grown up with. The office was established in 1992 and until now it has carried out various programs such as project assistance, dispatching experts and volunteers, scholarships, disaster relief assistance, and CSR, and so on.  

I would like to express my sincere thanks to KOICA because it has given me an opportunity to work. I am grateful to be involved with this esteemed organization. I have gained much experieces and knowledge here. Indeed, KOICA has contributed greatly to supporting the development of Indonesia through its various programs, and I was impressed every time we added a new page to the history of KOICA.  


One of the most memorable projects is establishing Korea-Indonesia Friendship Sport Center (POPKI) in 2003. I lived near the center and I used to join sports exercise with others there every Sunday. This center was also used for social events of KOICA and other special occasions - including the international handball match of Asian Game 2018.

I also place a high value on KOICA’s scholarship program and master’s degree program that train many Indonesian civil servants through various theoretical and practical courses in Korea. I have heard great news from the civil servants who participated in KOCIA’s capacity building programs, that they were able to reach high level positions afterwards.

This year, KOICA also helped areas in Lombok to recover from the earthquake damage, in partnership with Indonesian Red Cross (PMI). We provided additional assistance for the earthquake and tsunami happened in Palu, Sulawesi. We all worked very hard to extend humanitarian aid in Indonesia.

Over the last 26 years, I’ve learned so much in KOICA while sharing knowledge, and experiences, and building friendship with Korean colleagues. I always enjoyed working in the office where there are Koreans and Indonesians working together. My special gratitude goes to KOICA for its contribution to Indonesia for the last 26 years. I wish someday, Indonesia could also establish an honored aid agency like KOICA that contributes to making a better world together.


Season’s Greetings! Remembering KOICA’s colleagues at the end of the year fills my heart with joy. I wish you a happy new year filled with love and happiness.

Terimakasih, Kamsahamida(Thank you)!

Warm Wishes,