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Report Violation of Human Rights


Report Violation of Human Rights

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) is committed to uphold human rights of all people across the world.

If you suspect your human rights or someone else’s, have been violated related to development projects that are directly funded and implemented by KOICA, you can file a complaint to us. Report may concern KOICA staff and cooperation partners involved in activities related to KOICA’s operation.

How to File a Complaint : Please fill out the complaint form and send it to us by e-mail.
- E-mail: humanrights@koica.go.kr - Form: Complaint Form(download)

KOICA ensures, within the scope of its possibilities, that there are no negative impacts for any whistleblower as a result of a justified report.
KOICA also strives to protect personal data of whistleblowers. However, please understand that KOICA cannot guarantee anonymity.
With your reports, you help us to prevent human rights violations inside and outside KOICA as early as possible.

Please note : Please use Q&A page in case of general complaints or questions (e.g. about tender awards or recruitment procedures, project requests) that are not related to serious violations of conduct.