[Education]Improving the Egyptian Education Broadcasting System



o Title : Improving the Egyptian Educational Broadcasting System(Egypt)
o Duration : November 1 - November 14, 2018 (14 days)
o Venue : Seongnam & Seoul, the Republic of Korea
o Training Institute : Korea National Open University
o Number of Participants : 13

o Program Module




Module 1.
Understanding of Laws and Organizations

▷ Governance of the OUN, the EBS, and the ETRU
▷ Overall legal system related to educational broadcasting 
▷ Midterm plan for educational broadcasting system

  • Ministry of Education

Module 2.
Development & Operation Strategies for Educational Broadcasting System

▷ Educational contents in Korea
▷ Educational contents with new technologies (e.g.
▷ Development trends & operational strategies of
educational contents
▷ Educational strategy by using media in K-12

  • EBS
  • SIGONG Media

Module 3.
Strategies for Producing Educational  Contents

▷ Planning strategies for educational contents
▷ Educational broadcasting convergence service with
▷ Utilization of educational broadcasting and e-learning in
K-12 school
▷ Utilization of educational broadcasting in teacher training

  • Tech Ville

Module 4.
Producing Educational Contents

▷ Process of educational broadcasting contents
▷ Practical exercise of developing educational contents
▷ Actual outcome and peer evaluation

  • Main studio and e-learning studio at Open University Network

Module 4.
Country Report & Action Plan

▷ Country Report
- Present condition of the ETRU and its educational contents
- Operational strategies of the ERTU, etc.
- Development plan for Egyptian educational broadcasting 
system by the MoE and the CCIMD


Extra-curricular Activities

▷ Seoul City Tour (www.visitseoul.net)

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