[Education] Improving Equity in Secondary Education(Ecuador)



o Title : Improving Equity in Secondary Education(Ecuador)
o Duration : September 2 - September 15, 2018 (14 days)
o Venue : Seongnam & Jincheon, the Republic of Korea
o Training Institute : Korea Institute for Curriculum and Evaluation
o Number of Participants : 20 participants from Ecuador


o Program Module




Module 1.

Global Trends and Education in Korea

▷Global issues on education equity and improvement in basic education
▷Introduction to the education system in Korea
▷History of Korea’s curriculum, teaching and learning and evaluation

  • KICE

Module 2.

Curriculum: National Curriculum Development  and Quality Management

▷National curriculum and educational policies in secondary education
- Development and quality assurance on National Curriculum
- Introduction to competency-based education
▷Quality control of school education at metropolitan or provincial level
▷Curriculum development and re-constitution at school level

  • KICE
  • Metropolitan and Provincial Offices of Education (MPOE)
  • Schools

Module 3.

Teaching and Learning, Gifted Education and Vocational Education

▷Analysis of global trends in competency-based curriculum revision
▷Development of materials and supporting system for teaching and learning
▷Introduction to and activation of convergence education, STEAM
▷State-of-the-art classrooms
▷Teaching consulting by a master teacher
▷Gifted education and study visit to a science high school
▷Vocational education and study visit to a vocational (agriculture) high school

  • KICE
  • Korea Education and Research Information Service (KERIS)
  • Science high school
  • Vocational high school

Module 4.

Educational Evaluation: at the International, National, Regional and School Levels

▷ Introduction to Korea’s educational evaluation policies
▷ Implementation of the National Assessment of Educational
Achievement (NAEA)
▷ Classroom assessment (performance assessment)
▷ Introduction to international assessments (PISA, TIMSS, ICILS, etc.)

  • KICE

Module 5.

Practical Training of Integrated Policy for Curriculum, Teaching and Learning and Evaluation

▷  Teaching and learning and evaluation for core competencies
▷  Integration and reform of Ecuadorian curriculum, teaching  and learning and evaluation focused on assessment of competencies
▷  Role of classroom assessment as a quality control for curriculum at school level
▷  Policies for teaching and improvement in basic standards
▷  Visit to one of the innovation schools
▷  Organization of teacher learning communities for teaching and 
learning innovation

  • KICE
  • Innovation school

Module 6.

Country Report and Action Plan

▷ Country Report
▷ Action Plan
- 1st Action Plan: Issues on Ecuadorian education related to
curriculum administration, teaching and learning and education
- 2nd Action Plan: Finding solutions tor Ecuadorian curriculum, teaching and learning and education evaluation
- 3rd Action Plan: Development of a teachers’ capacity building
plan on curriculum, teaching and learning and evaluation in the  
mid and long term
- 4th Action Plan: Preparation for final Action Plans
- 5th Action Plan: Final report

  • KICE


▷ Korean cultural excursions


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