KOICA nurtures computer graphic talents in Nepal



KOICA nurtures computer graphic talents in Nepal


  • KOICA established a computer graphic education center for vulnerable group in Nepal including the disabled, orphans, and women

  • KOICA plans to support 120 students and provide professional computer graphic education by 2022

KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency), a government-funded grant agency of Korea, established a computer graphic education center in Nepal for the vulnerable group, as a part of Inclusive Business Solution Program.

Inclusive Business Solution (IBS) Program is implemented by a partnership between KOICA and private corporation with an aim to create jobs and increase income for the vulnerable group in developing countries. KOICA is partnering with a Korean Visual Effects(VFX) company Makarios since 2018 for the ‘Decent work creation for persons with disabilities and orphans by training computer graphic specialists’.

This program was designed based on the need for decent jobs and the growing demand for VFX experts in Nepal. VFX industry is expected to expand significantly in the future and the market is already growing rapidly meeting the needs for CG animation, games, video, and movies.  

KOICA has built a CG education center in March to start nurturing talents. Currently at the center a CG expert dispatched from a Korean CG company is teaching 47 students. Among them, 35 students were selected based on the recommendations from a Nepali Orphanage SOS, a center for the disabled, and a local NGO Warm Nest Foundation.

KOICA plans to selected 30-40 students annually and hire 85% of the students as interns at Makarios, and ultimately support over 75% of the students to finds jobs either at Makarious or at other Nepali CG companies. KOICA will further train 120 students from the vulnerable group to be CG experts. This is expected to result in building capacity for the vulnerable group in Nepal, creating decent jobs, and also build a successful public-private partnership model between KOICA and corporations.

About the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) was established as a government agency in April 1991 and is dedicated to providing grant aid programs of the Government of the Republic of Korea. KOICA endeavors to combat poverty and support the sustainable socioeconomic growth of partner countries. For more information, visit http://www.koica.go.kr

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