KOICA implements Capacity Building project for Public Safety in El Salvador



KOICA implements Capacity Building project for

Public Safety in El Salvador


  • KOICA supports the capacity building of local police in utilizing CCTVs for preventing crime in El Salvador

  • KOICA contributes to relieving the anxiety on public safety for more than 2.1million citizens of San Salvador and the capital area

KOICA (Korea International Cooperation Agency), a government-funded grant agency of Korea, implements a Project for the Capacity Building of Public Safety in El Salvador, to enhance the quality of life for El Salvadorian citizens.

KOICA office in El Salvador announced on May 24 that it is signing an MOU with the El Salvadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the cooperation for the 3rd phase of the ‘Project for the Capacity Building of Public Safety in El Salvador’, with an aim to prevent crime and strengthen the capacity of local police.   

Through this project, KOICA is investing 5,500,000 USD from 2019 to 2024 to a) build CCTV system, b) establish an integrated CCTV control center in the National Police Agency, c) establish education programs for crime prevention and investigation, and to d) train local faculty members.

Many citizens in El Salvador are suffering from the anxiety regarding the public safety due to its poor security condition. It is often challenging for local police to control the nationwide crime by gangs, including murder, robbery, and theft.

To resolve this problem, KOICA supports in installing automatic vehicle identifying cameras in 23 different areas have a high crime rate to enhance the detection rate.

Also to raise the effectiveness of public security through CCTV, KOICA plans to reorganize the CCTV control center and integrate the control personnel. Also KOICA will train local police and faculty members so that they can develop their own training programs.

KOICA expects to improve the chronic anxiety people in San Salvador and adjacent cities have on the public insecurity by implementing this program.

About the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA)

The Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) was established as a government agency in April 1991 and is dedicated to providing grant aid programs of the Government of the Republic of Korea. KOICA endeavors to combat poverty and support the sustainable socioeconomic growth of partner countries. For more information, visit http://www.koica.go.kr

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