[Governance] Capacity Building Program for General Authority for Customs (Mongolia)



o Title : Capacity Building Program for General Authority for Customs (Mongolia)
o Duration : November 25 - December 8, 2018 (14 days)
o Venue : Seongnam & Yangpyeong, the Republic of Korea
o Training Institute : Hyundai Research Institute
o Number of Participants : 18
o Program Module




Module 1.
Construction and Operation of Customs Automation System

▷ Operation of customs automation system
-Analysis of the current business process
-Redesigning and systematizing the Customs Administration
▷ Customs system management and maintenance
-Redesigning an electronic customs system
-Reviewing the use of system infrastructure and feedback

- Korea Customs Service
- Korea International Trade Association

Module 2.
Customs Risk Management Policies and Crisis Analysis

▷ The selection process of best companies in safety management of export and import
-Introduction to the selection process of the best companies in export and import safety management system in Korea Customs Service
-Introduction to and understanding of relevant laws
▷ A study on the utilization of policies using E-Commerce
-Introduction to customs clearance procedures of Korea Customs Services for e-commerce
-A study on On-Line and Off-line e-commerce
▷ Establishment of an emergency response system
-Case study of Korea customs service's response to sudden occurrences during customs procedures
-Customs Service’s attitude in response to trade agreement policies

ㅇKorea Customs
ㅇKorea Institute of Origin Information

Module 3.
Public Cooperation and Customs Partners

▷ Cooperation with government organizations and other stakeholders
- Proposals for financial resources and project fund plan
- Participation of international organizations and tariff cooperation
▷ Funding and Making Partnership
- International Organization for Customs to establish an association system
- Importance of continuous preparation and financial security

ㅇKorea Customs
ㅇCustoms Border Control Training Institute

Module 4.
Country Report,
Action Plan

▷Country Report
▷Action Plan: Problem Clarification, Execution Plan Development, and Presentation

Extra-Curricular Activities

▷ Seoul City Tour
▷ Company Tour: Korea Customs Service (http://www.customs.go.kr/)

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