[Governance]Human Resources Management in Public Sector (Kyrgyzstan)



o Title : Human Resources Management in Public Sector (Kyrgyzstan)
o Duration : November 19 -December 2, 2018 (14 days)
o Venue : Seongnam & Wanju, the Republic of Korea
o Training Institute : Local Government Officials Development Institute
o Number of Participants : 19 Participants

o Program Module




Module 1
Korea’s National Development

▷ Korea’s Economic Development and the Role of Government Officials

Module 2
Human Resources Management

▷ Job Analysis, Description and Right-Sizing
▷ Strategic HRM -Focusing on
Government Employees’ Recruitment, Promotion and Career Development System -
▷ Government Performance Evaluation and Civil Service Performance Management
▷ Government Employees’ Wage, Pension, Welfare System and Incentives
▷ Good Governance and Citizen Satisfaction in Public Administration
▷ E-Government and HRM-Issues and Challenges
▷ Public Service Education and Training System for HRD

  • Ministry of Personnel Management (MPM)
  • Gwansan District Government, Gwangju Metropolitan City
  • Anti-Corruption &Civil Rights Commission

Module 3

▷ Country Presentation
▷ Lecture on Action Plan Methods
▷ Action Plan Building
▷ Action Plan Presentation and Evaluation

Cultural Experience

▷ Seoul City Tour
▷ Jeonju Cultural Excursion

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